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Veronika Barbakadze

Principal Counsellor , RCIC

It's fine to celebrate success but it is more important to heed the lessons of failure.

Veronika’s Bio

Veronika is an immigration professional who specializes in all types of permanent and temporary Canadian immigration matters. Immigrating to Canada as an international student, Veronika has firsthand experience in the difficulties and intricacies associated with the application process and the transition from temporary to permanent residence in Canada.  She knows how to navigate these complexities through  years of experience working as an associate in a leading immigration consulting office. Her strategic approach and passionate advocacy for each case has resulted in a 98 percent success rate among clients. Veronika prides herself in her ability to build winning cases and resolve complex immigration-related matters, including cases in which her clients have faced prior refusals due to the shortcomings of clients’ past representation.

Veronika speaks English, Russian, Hebrew and Georgian. She enjoys traveling, reading and organizing events in support of various charities. She currently serves as Honorary Vice Chair of After Breast Cancer Charity and carries that intrepid spirit into her immigration consulting practice