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Veronika Barbakadze & Associates is a one stop immigration consultancy firm, offering a full range of Immigration services. We advocate for our clients with C.A.R.E. that stands for: Competency. Accountability. Respect. Empathy.

We are centrally located in the North York region allowing easy access to consultation and services from our devoted, caring and competent professionals.

During the past 11 years of service to our satisfied clients we are proud to share that hundreds of clients with diverse backgrounds have made Canada their new home and became part of diverse and vibrant society.

We recognize the complexity of immigration law and regulations which are constantly changing. To make procedures simple for our clients, our expert immigration consultants and associates are always ready to educate and lead you through the immigration process.

At Veronika Barbakadze & Associates we have a winning team, offering services in various international languages. To make it even more convenient for our clients we also offer “free assessment” to provide you with available immigration avenues.

Competency, Accountability, Respect and Empathy is our motto and encompasses our core values. Our mission is to provide you with efficient expert advice and deliver the desired results. Whether the case is a simple visa extension, or more complex issues, such as, inadmissibility or an appeal, Veronika Barbakadze & Associates will relentlessly advocate for your rights exhausting all avenues to reach your GOALS.

To read success stories submitted by many of our satisfied clients please click here. To book a free initial assessment, contact us.

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