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Apply to immigrate to Canada or transition from your current temporary status to Permanent Resident status!


Are you hoping to immigrate and become a permanent resident of Canada? You may be able to immigrate:


  • through your work, as a skilled worker or caregiver or through the self-employed category;
  • through a family member via one of the family class immigration programs, such as spousal sponsorship;
  • by starting a business; or
  • by investing in the Canadian economy.


Depending on your skills, professional background, family connections, and personal goals, we can help you discover the ideal program for you to apply for. Contact us to learn more about your best chances for success!



PR & Citizenship


Ready for the rest of your life in Canada? If you are hoping to extend your permanent residence and become a citizen, we can help you prepare. The length of time you’ve been in Canada, your age (you must be over 18), your language abilities in either English or French, and your tax records all affect whether you are eligible at this time. Get in touch with us to learn more and discover what we can do to help with this transition.