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LITIGATION AND Immigration Case Canada

Received a negative decision on your immigration application? Ask for reconsideration or appeal the decision. We fiercely advocate for our clients rights!


Has an immigration officer refused you multiple times? Have you been found inadmissible? Did you make a mistake on your application because you didn’t know about a specific immigration rule? If you’ve received a negative decision on your application, there’s still hope.


As an immigration consultancy firm, we specialize in knowing and applying immigration best practices. We are able to represent you at the tribunals of the Immigration and Refugee Board namely IAD, ID, RD & RAD , and we are willing to pursue the legal rights of our clients to the fullest. We can apply to have the decision overturned by the decision makers  at the tribunals and visa posts , an action we’ve pursued many times with success. We can do more for you than just fill out forms; we can be your voice in dealing with the immigration system.


Unsure of your next step? We can review your situation and help determine what went wrong, as well as take steps to re-apply or appeal the decision. Contact us to learn what we can do to help make things right.